Are Disability Homes A Good Investment IN QLD?

February 3, 2022

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people with disabilities (PWD) to achieve their goals in life. It has various programs to support people with disabilities and their carers.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a part of the NDIS scheme, which fulfils the housing needs of eligible NDIS participants. SDA under the NDIS scheme covers the bricks and mortar payments for rental properties for PWD who have a functional impairment and very high support needs.

Currently, there is a massive shortage of SDA housing in Australia. This opens an SDA market for investors, which gives higher returns than standard residential rental properties. SDA housing investment gives a high rental yield and it helps people with disabilities, who are in need of accommodation that is fit for purpose and gives them choice and control.

Disability Home Investment in QLD:

The federal government has pledged that the SDA under the NDIS scheme will continue for the next 20 years and have allocated $700M per annum to provide housing for eligible NDIS participants. Investors can confidently invest in NDIS property.

SDA gives long term profitable returns as the participants will generally be long-term tenants, as these homes, if they are built to high SDA standards will become their ‘forever home’.

The return on investment (ROI) in SDA depends on the location. Investing in NDIS homes in Queensland brings high yields. Investors get a regular income through three separate parts. These are SDA payment, the Commonwealth rent assistance, and Reasonable rent contribution from participant’s disability support pension. NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA sells SDA properties that suit the needs of people with disability and fit the budget of investors.

Current Shortages Of Suitable Housing:

Suitable housing for PWD allows them to live more independently and it improves their mental health. There are however many people with SDA funding, or in the process of obtaining their SDA funding waiting for suitable homes.

Many of these people are living in inappropriate homes, nursing homes and hospitals. According to the survey data, six percent of the people with disability in Australia who receive funding under the NDIS (currently over 500,000) will qualify for SDA funding.

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Benefits Of Investment In Disability Homes:

1. High yield :

NDIS participants usually stay in SDA housing for a long period. NDIS housing investment can provide a high rental yield of between 8% – 12 %

The NDIS property investment will be maintained by an SDA service provider funded by NDIS.

2. Low risk :

The Australian government has pledged SDA will continue for the term of next 20 years. Investors can buy the NDIS property as it was part of the government scheme. As long as you do your due diligence with respect to supply and demand and have experienced SDA builders and architects along with proactive SDA providers, your property will be tenanted and meet the guidelines of NDIS-SDA and fulfil the needs of participants.

3. Social impact:

SDA housing investment not only gives profitable returns, it also assists PWD who are in desperate need of suitable accommodation. A true social impact investment.

NDIS property investment provides a social impact investment and a path to higher than average returns. NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA help investors build SDA housing based on all the latest NDIS regulations and provides a better investment opportunity. If you are looking for an NDIS property for sale in Queensland, contact us here.