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Here at NPA, our aim is to provide investors, providers and participants the best partner for sourcing and building SDA compliant properties.

Investors – we can assist you in finding the most suitable locations and builders to start you building your SDA investment portfolio.

Providers – we have access to a wide variety of properties for your clients.

Participants and Owner-occupiers – we can help you build the perfect home for yourself or loved ones.


New SDA price guide 2021 – Shared living arrangements

The new SDA price guide with regards to shared living arrangements is great news for participants, providers and investors. Here’s an excerpt from the NDIS price guide and below is a plain English summary. 1. When a number (n) of SDA-eligible participants are sharing...

Changes to the SDA Policy – June 2020

Changes were recently announced with regards to the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) policy. The policy now states that participants are now provided with additional choice and flexibility with accommodation partners. The Minister for the National Insurance...


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