Brendon’s Story – Waiting 918 days to get the correct SDA funding

August 16, 2023


Brendon's Story

Brendon waited for 918 days to get the correct level of funding to continue living in his 1-bedroom specialist disability accommodation in Queensland.

He had to take his fight to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal after the NDIS tried to cut his funding and force him out of his home and into shared accommodation.

“The appeals process was extremely brutal,” Brendon said. “Then I waited all that time for a decision that was exactly what I had originally asked for. The impact on me has been enormous.

“All we’re talking about is me wanting to live on my own and be independent. That was one of my biggest NDIS goals – I’m glad it’s no longer on my NDIS plan.”

Brendon is a huge Supercars fan and enjoys rugby and 10-pin bowling. For many years he has worked in administration in the disability sector.

Now he is now focusing his energies on helping other NDIS participants with their housing funding applications.

“I am assisting other participants with their applications and making sure they get their application right at the beginning so they don’t have to wait 918 days to get their levels of funding,” he said.

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