SDA Supply and Demand

When researching an NDIS property investment, it is crucial to understand how supply and demand of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) can affect the tenancy potential of a property.

Here at NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, our focus is on areas that have high demand and are undersupplied in one or more SDA categories.

We have collated data from the NDIS and put together a report on Supply and Demand of Specialist Disability Accommodation throughout Australia to assist you in determining areas of high demand that are undersupplied, therefore providing ideal opportunities for investment of NDIS property.

The focus for our team has always been QLD, not just because we are based in Brisbane and are familiar with all the areas and suppliers, but also because the land prices and costs to produce SDA accommodation has generally been lower than in other regions. However, we are now moving to focus equally on WA, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania in areas where demand is high and we continue our due diligence on SDA opportunities in all regions of Australia.

Estimated SDA Supply Australia-wide

Estimated SDA Demand Australia-wide

SDA Supply in Australia

State-wise SDA Supply and Demand Statistics

We have compiled detailed supply and demand statistics for each state based on the recently released NDIS SDA data as of 31st March 2023.

Investment Advisor speaks on NDIS Housing Shortage


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