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The focus for our team is QLD, not just because we are based in Brisbane and are familiar with all the areas and suppliers, but also because the land prices and costs to produce SDA accommodation is lower than other regions, and the demand is high as well. We continue our due diligence on SDA opportunities in other regions of Australia, like New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. The NDIA has recently updated their Market monitoring and we will publish updates to demand around Australia very soon.


Pipeline and Enrolled Dwellings as at August 2021 from Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia, October 2021

  • There is a shortfall of 1,718 homes for people with disabilities in Queensland.
  • More than 800 younger people are in aged care homes despite being eligible for independent homes.
  • It is hoped within five years there will be more options for disability housing as demand grows.
Potential Demand QLD
Potential Demand QLD
Potential Demand QLD
Potential Demand QLD
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