SDA Developments

You can find our list of Specialist Disability Accommodation development sites and opportunities currently available for investors below.


Are you a developer with a potential site or project for Specialist Disability Accommodation?

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How we help Developers

As experts in Specialist Disability Accommodation, we are well practiced in connecting developers’ stock with investors who are looking to enter the NDIS property market. We have built strong relationships with buyers across Australia and pride ourselves on the networks we have fostered nationwide.

Using these assets, we can generate the essential presales to help your project get off the ground. Once you near the end of project construction, we can source a takeout buyer for you as a developer to exit.

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NSW Development Opportunities


3 2B HPS Villas
3 Bedroom Residential House

Built and Tenanted


2 x 2B/2B Robust Villas

ASKING PRICE: $2,860,000
Completion July 2023
Tenants awaiting completion


BA/DA for Duplex NDIS Site
$399,000 for the site
Construction Cost Estimate: $900K
TOTAL: $1.299M

Motivated vendor will consider genuine offers. Duplex can be strata titled during construction—a reputable builder on standby to build.


DA for 20 room boarding home with disability access
May suit SDA use.

QLD Development Opportunities


5-unit apartment complex

2 x 2-Bed High-Physical Support and 2 x 1-bed High-Physical Support + 1 x OOA Apartments
Asking Price: $4.35M

Land: $1.85M | Build: $2.5M

Potential Gross Rent: $423,396 (Based on 2 x FA and 2 x HPS funded tenants)
DA/BA approved – Estimated build time is 12 months


DA/BA approved for 7-Apartment Complex
Asking Price: $1.4M
Construction Cost Estimate: $4.4M
TOTAL: $5.8M


7 x 2-Bedroom High Physical Support Villas with OOA
Asking Price: Off Plan $4.55M
Potential Gross Max Income: $370,346 pa
Potential Gross Yield: 8.15%
(Based on 2 x IL, 3 x FA and 2 x HPS tenants)
DA approved – Estimated build time: 8-12 months


DA for 16-Level Building
JV or outright purchase
Construction Cost Estimate: $20M

Investing in NDIS/SDA property development can be a lucrative opportunity, with the potential for high returns and positive social impact.

However, it is important to note that NDIS/SDA property investment is not a straightforward process and involves certain eligibility criteria and regulations to ensure that the investments are being made for the right reasons.

If you are interested in investing in NDIS/SDA property development, it is recommended that you do extensive research and
seek advice from professionals in the field to ensure you understand the requirements and potential risks involved.


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