NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA has been created to help both NDIS Service Providers across Australia meet their housing needs for their Participants, as well as investors create long term solutions for housing within the SDA market. Through the introduction and rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across Australia, NDIS Participants now have ‘choice & control’ in the care they receive and the Providers they choose to work with.

To meet the updated requirements for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) our team is working with various builders across Australia to build new, well designed & fit-for-purpose homes for NDIS Providers and Participants who demand the best in Specialist Disability Accommodation.


Who We Work With


We work with SDA approved builders who believe in the housing  solutions demand within the  NDIS community. As such, we only want to work with builders who are here for the long term and to deliver an outcome which satisfies both investors, providers and participants. That means the focus is on ‘tenant retention’, which can only be achieved by building houses which are ‘fit for purpose’.  Thus, doing whats best for all parties concerned.


We work with SIL and SDA providers who believe in delivering an outcome which best suits all stakeholders. The primary objective should be to assist participants to live in appropriate housing accommodation, as quickly as possible, and not for any other reason.


Product delivery is the key goal for the participants, those that matter most. As we work with investors and providers and builders ‘together in unison’ in order to custom build homes for the requirements of participants, it is important that we work as a team to look after the people who will live in these homes, no matter what their category of disability. This can only happen if all parties are working together in co-ordination to achieve the same outcome.



We consult with builders on designs and inclusions in order to fit the investors budget, which also helps the participants who will live in the homes. We also present to clients the variety of areas in which the different builders provide property opportunities, and give professional advice on the SDA strategy that is most appropriate for each investor if called upon. We help investors navigate through the build process. We have experienced and qualified partners who will assist with all facets of the transaction.


Clients often want to know where their tenants will come from, and the best way to achieve this is to consult with SIL and SDA providers who can reveal the demand in different localities. We can assist with the vetting of such SIL and SDA providers, and this enables us to provide third party consultation to investors on which SIL and SDA providers may be able to help give indications on the demand of participants in certain suburbs etc.


Although we are not finance brokers, we can assist with directing clients who need guidance on which lenders or brokers to engage with that may be able to help. We state this in writing because many investors are unable to obtain finance for NDIS property purchase. If needed, we will also collaborate with builders who can obtain builder terms within land estates, where the transaction will be a ‘one-part contract’ to allow an alternative to construction finance.


We help clients lay the foundation of their property portfolio, by investing in SDA property which is high yielding & positive cash flow. Clients have various options to choose from in the SDA homes category, that being 3 bedroom homes, 4 bedroom homes, 4 bedroom dual living homes, 5 bedroom dual living homes, or even 6 bedroom duplex homes. Whatever investors which to create as a investment property, we are able to put together a solution.


We assist with clients (both investors and owner occupiers) to explore their options for 3B or 4B or 5B design homes, for Improved Liveability or Robust or Fully Accessible or High Physical Support participants. For participants wanting to purchase their own custom design home, we are able to facilitate this aswell. We also encourage all NDIS providers to discuss any projects or construction they which to be involved in as a joint venture or tender.


Our team are consistently sourcing land lots for normal house packages, and also raw sites for NDIS development projects, supporting the community needs for people with disabilities, their families and carers. We also invite real estate agents or developers seeking potential NDIS sites for our team to evaluate their development opportunities for purchasing, as there is a high demand from institutions & sophisticated investors to hold assets such as these in their portfolios.

“Is there anything safer than having the Govt paying your rent?”

Specialist Disability Accommodation

The National Disability Insurance Scheme applies to all State and Territories of Australia. The NDIS provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, psychologicla, cognitive and sensory disabilities. This A$22B a year program will support half a million people in achieving their goals. Of this funding, $700M is allocated to Specialist Disability Accommodation. The NDIS provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, psychological, cognitive and sensory disabilities.

Current suppliers for NDIS housing are unable to meet the demand for suitable housing due to a lack of funding. Estimates show there is a A$5B deficit to meet the NDIS goals for Special Disability Accommodation and SDA participants. This has created an opportunity for private investers to support government commitments.

12,000 NDIS participants who require specialised housing currently have no access to Specialist Disability Accommodation. Additionally, a high percentage of existing housing will require upgrading or redevelopment in the near future. NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA supports Participants with a forever home built and designed to create independence and freedom, to assist carers and improve the quality of life.

Our business linkups with Builders, Developers & NDIS Providers is aimed at providing a ethical investment opportunity with sustainable long-term returns, not only for the investors but also for the Participants themselves.

The NDIS has been created to give all Australians peace of mind if they, or a family member is born or acquires permanent of significant disability. The NDIS has been set up to ensure they get the supports they require and the SDA helps deliver accommodation in the form of Liveable homes for participants.

Livable homes are designed to meet the changing needs of occupants across their lifetime. They must be easy to enter, to navigate around, be capable of cost effective adaption, and be responsive to changing needs of home occupants.

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In a bid to attract private investment into the market, the federal government has created the SDA program which provides opportunities for residential property investors. With the potential for 20% or higher gross investment yields, and with positive social and ethical objectives at its core, investing in SDA is well worth investigating.

NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA can help you invest in SDA as a means of growing your property portfolio, benefiting from the exceptional rental yields, as well as helping to improve the lives of disabled Australians who have been limited in their housing choice as a result of inadequate and inappropriate housing options.

We can provide you with a choice of investment options based on properties that are being developed and built specifically to be SDA compliant, and also connect you with relevant industry professionals to guide you through the process of completing a purchase.

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