Latest SDA and SIL statistics from the NDIS

August 12, 2022


NDIS Quarterly Data 2021/2022 Q4

The NDIS’ final quarterly report for 2021/22 is now out, so we’ve summarised a few interesting details from the report, specifically in relation to SIL (Supported Independent Living) and SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation).

Summary of NDIS payment

25% of all NDIS payments ($6.9B) for the financial year 2021/2022 are for participants for Supported Independent Living. This has increased on average 28% annually over the past 3 years.

In contrast, SDA payments for the same period amounted to just $186M, less than 1% of all NDIS payments, despite the SDA budget being $700M, around 2.5% of the NDIS budget.

What exactly does this mean for SDA?

Apart from offering participants choice and control and allowing them to live and participate in the community with as much independence as possible in ‘fit-for-purpose’ housing, SDA also provides an environment where SIL supports (the care provided to participants) are better facilitated and in some instances can be reduced, lowering SIL costs and budget. So, once more of the 19,000+ SDA-funded participants are living in SDA homes, it is expected that SIL payments should start to decrease, saving the NDIS’s budget more than the increase in SDA funds it pays out.


Now let’s take a deeper dive into some figures around Specialist Disability Accommodation


Participant Numbers

  • 19,358 total participants currently have SDA funding
  • 4,720 of those participants are seeking an SDA home

Of those 4,720 participants currently looking for an SDA home,

  • 2,993 participants living in SDA are seeking to move
  • 1,727 participants with SDA funding are not currently in SDA but are looking for an SDA home

Dwelling Enrollments

  • 7,086 SDA dwellings around Australia
  • 4,440 of these are Legacy, Existing and In-Kind funded dwellings (that will be gradually phased out over coming years)
  • 2,849 of these are New-build or Refurbished SDA dwellings
  • 3,085 are pipeline dwellings, still under construction or in development

So what does this mean in the context of SDA demand now and in the future?

At current NDIS participation levels (534,655 total NDIS participants), the number of estimated participants eligible for SDA is around 32,000 based on the NDIS’s assumption of 6%.

That means there should be around 12,000 participants currently eligible for SDA that don’t have funding yet

That equates to an additional 7,000 dwellings needed at current levels of NDIS participation (ie as of the end of June 2022).

Moving forward with NDIS forecasted participation levels for 2030 (870,000 NDIS participants), we would require an additional 15,000 New build SDA dwellings.

This does not include replacing all Legacy, Existing & In-kind dwellings which will be phased out over the coming years due to them not being compliant with new SDA requirements.


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