Queensland can expect to finally be the beneficiary of strong property market performance,” – Mr. Pressley.

The pandemic had made people shift to locations that are safe and had a better lifestyle. The advancement of technology and covid changed the working options remotely, this boosts people to move to better places. Various reports stated that Brisbane and Queensland are the most preferred choices among people. Queensland had healthier lifestyle options than busy traffic cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.  As infrastructure is also booming in Queensland, NDIS property investment QLD is a better option that fits the budget and yields high returns.

Property and Home Investment in QLD :

Mr. Ryder, Ryder property managing director, is also predicting a nationwide property boom, excluding Sydney and Melbourne, with Queensland set to be a major driver because of the “exodus to affordable lifestyle”.

In Queensland, the covid cases are controlled and it has low mortgage rates. People are expecting to live in secure places. Thus, properties in Queensland rose by more than 20% in some areas. The infrastructures are also developing in the sunshine and gold coast, which makes people buy properties there. The interstate market demand flows in Queensland, it sets higher property rates than Brisbane. SDA housing investment in QLD had lesser risk and gives profitable returns.

People are moving from major cities to Queensland because it has an easier lifestyle than cities and due to work-from-home options. The pandemic had impacted in the state’s north, there is a growing real estate market in Cairns and Townsville. The cities had a lot of employment creating projects, local business is booming, it creates first time home buyers to invest in the cities of QLD. Home sales in Queensland during Corona increased as it had low coronavirus cases.

Key Property Takeaways :

According to the Federal budget 2020, the government is funding more job creation and infrastructure projects in Queensland. Thus, expecting double-digit capital growth in QLD locations.

2. Due to the pandemic, the government announced the low-interest rate for loans, which boosts first-time buyers to invest in properties at affordable rates and other buyers are also likely to invest in Queensland, due to remote work options.

3. “Nothing drives housing markets more than infrastructure spending”

-Mr. Ryder, managing director of Ryder property

Mass infrastructure projects in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Rockhampton, and Townsville, which raise the value of real estate properties.

4. The interstate migration of people is higher in Queensland state. Thus, demand in QLD housing markets increases than in Brisbane. NDIS property investment QLD is budget-friendly and provides high rental yields between 16% to 18%.

5. According to property analyst Terry Ryder,  lockdowns in two big cities and low-interest rates made people buy properties in Queensland for a better lifestyle.

Record-breaking sales in Queensland during covid :

According to the latest report released by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) , property prices increased by 6.1% over the quarter across every region of Queensland in the final three months of 2020. Hence, more homes are bought and sold in QLD than ever before. According to Mike Gill the head of research at online property exchange network PEXA, non extended lockdowns, and high interstate migrations, increased the housing sales in Queensland. Investors can look for “NDIS house for Sale Ads “, those homes will be budget-friendly and give high returns.

Queensland has shown high sales performance, in which southeast have the highest housing sales. In Noosa, the market price is expensive and achieves 15.4 % growth, which is the highest market rate in Queensland. Added to that, the government had announced east Queensland will host the 2023 Paralympics, which will bring more development in infrastructures, that boost the Real estate market.

The properties in Queensland rose more than ever before during the pandemic. SDA housing Investment can be a good choice to get high returns and it fits your budget. NDIS property Australia provides the best NDIS  housing investment opportunities that provide high rental yield. Connect with us today at ndis.property