Overview of NDIS Operational Guidelines by NDIS Property

January 5, 2022

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) operational guidelines are a set of operational information based on NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) legislation and rules. This guideline is essential to understand how the NDIS functions and makes decisions. It provides detailed information to guide decision-makers regarding the application of NDIS rules. The main aim of operational guidelines is to provide clear information about the NDIS scheme for people with a disability as well as providers. The government supports PWD (People with disability) by providing funding to approved PWD’s such as SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation), Supported Independent Living, Assistive Technology, employment training, and much more.

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Why NDIS Property?

At NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, we understand the NDIS scheme, particularly in relation to SDA and facilitate, along with housing providers, different NDIS housing options that suit the needs of the eligible SDA funded participants. Our team connects with both SDA and SIL service providers to understand the requirements of the participants.

NDIS Property Australia works closely with investors from the start giving professional advice on SDA investment opportunities in Queensland and throughout Australia. We assist investors throughout the whole process of NDIS Housing investment.

The NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA team provides services such as consultation to investors and connecting with service providers and participants. We help all stakeholders build SDA homes that fulfil the needs of people with disabilities, based on NDIS guidelines.

General principles with guide actions :

The two legislations relevant to the NDIS scheme are National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and Nation Disability Insurance Scheme Rules. There are general principles in the Act to support the functions of decision-makers are the following:

1. Equal rights :

People with disabilities have the right to access equal opportunities and resources as other members of Australian society. NDIS supports the person with a disability to take part in social and economic life based on their abilities. And the main aim of the law is to provide certainty to people with disability that NDIS will provide lifetime support to them.

2. Respecting their own choices :

People with disability can choose their interests to achieve their goals in life. NDIS will assist in their journey from the planning of goals to achieving them, in the right manner. It also provides early intervention support for people with disability.

3. Prevent Exploitation :

People with disability deserve the same respect and dignity as other members of Australian society. PWD should be free from abuse and exploitation, and they have the right to raise their complaints like other people.

4. Understanding diverse communities :

NDIS is designed in a way to enable understanding of the circumstances and needs of various participants to provide better support to them.

5. Other support :

  • NDIS supports people with disability to access the following supports:
  • Mainstream support – employment, education, health, and family support
    Community support – sports clubs, community colleges, libraries etc

Principles relating to people with a disability :

Based on the NDIS Act, people with disabilities should have choice and control over their lives – being able to determine their interests and goals. The NDIS is designed to support PWD to receive maximum benefit from the scheme. NDIS respects the participant’s choices and assists them to achieve their goals in life. It also enables PWD to participate in social and economic life based on their capabilities.

The Australian government has determined that SDA funding within the NDIS will continue for the next 20 years. There is a huge demand in the market for SDA and SIL housing options. At NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, we help investors purchase profitable NDIS properties that are suitable for PWD. Our team is connected with service providers and NDIS participants and provides high return NDIS properties in major locations such as Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

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