Respite is a temporary, short term accommodation option for NDIS participants, providing a chance to experience different environments. These options can vary in location, accommodation type, and support level, and can be funded by NDIS plans if reasonable and necessary.



Respite, also known as short term accommodation (STA), provides NDIS participants with an option to take a break from their usual carer, build independence, or have a change of scenery. Respite can be facility or residential stays or assistance in the participant’s home. The NDIS will cover all basic expenses with STA funding, which include accommodation, personal care and support, food, transport and activities.


STA is beneficial for both the participant and their carer. For the participant, it allows them to go to new places, try new things, step outside their comfort zone, gain independence, and relax and recharge. Particularly, if a participant is looking to move out and into Supported Independent Living (SIL) or Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), this can be an important first step in preparing for that change. For the carer, it’s a break that encourages and maintains a healthy and positive participant-carer relationship. Caring for a loved one can be emotionally and physically taxing, so it is important for the carer to have time themselves to recharge.


Respite is a valuable resource for families and individuals caring for a loved one with a disability, chronic illness, or other special needs, as well as for the individual. By providing temporary support and care, respite gives caregivers and participants the time they need to recharge and relax. With a range of options available, finding the right STA solution is easier than ever.

Our Respite/Short Term Accommodation Packages

Our Short-Term Accommodation – Respite packages are based on 1:1 support and include all required supports, accommodation, transport, food and activities.

We tailor each and every respite break specifically to each individual participant.

Whether it’s an overnight stay for medical visits, a weekend to explore the city or participate in social activities, a short break from home to find opportunties for education or employment, or a 2-week break on the coast, we can arrange as little or as much as is needed – from transportation to and from the accommodation, funds, by way of pre-paid cards for food and transport, to entrance fees or tickets for activities or events. 

Speak to us to find out how we can help you, your client or your loved one with an unforgettable Respite break at one of our beautiful properties.

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