Specialist Disability Accommodation property is a highly specialised area and it requires a detailed understanding of not only the SDA design standards, but also dwelling supply and participant demand as well as knowledge of many other factors surrounding the sector. In an effort to assist all stakeholders around Australia in developing more SDA to meet the growing demand from Australia’s disabled community, we have produced a number of eBooks outlining some of the basics that investors as well as other interested parties should know before embarking on any SDA path.

Improved Liveability SDA Design eBook

Understand Improved Liveability SDA design.

Fully Accessible SDA Design eBook

Understand Fully Accessible SDA design.

High Physical Support SDA Design eBook

Understand High Physical Support SDA design.

Robust SDA Design eBook

Understand Robust SDA design.

SDA Supply & Demand eBook

Get the latest NDIA Supply & Demand data


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