Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a home that is specially designed for people with extreme disabilities or who require high support needs. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme by the Australian government which helps people with disabilities to achieve their goals in life by providing various funds. Thus, SDA is a part of the NDIS scheme, which provides funds to build homes for eligible NDIS participants. The main aim of SDA housing was to bring more independence to disabilities and to improve their quality of living.

SDA property investment gives a huge amount of returns and it allows you to help the person with a disability which satisfies your soul.

Why invest in SDA property? 

The National Disability Insurance scheme is likely to support 6% of NDIS participants. According to the government-funded study report conducted by the summer foundation, it shows that the existing supply of SDA needs to grow by 60% to house the 28,000 people the NDIS expects to fund. ( source: summer foundation report )

Thus, there is a high demand for SDA property, investing in it in the right locations and using the right NDIS registered SDA builders, will bring more profits than usual real estate properties. The benefits of investing in SDA housing are the following :

1. Gain high returns :

The tenants will stay in the SDA properties for a long period of time, which provides stable income to the investors. The demand for SDA among Australian disabilities was higher, each home is accommodated by four people such as two NDIS participants with their carers. Thus, the rental yield is more and is about 16% – 18%, which varies based on locations.

2. Less risk :

The Australian government pledged that the SDA scheme will continue for the term of next 20 years. Hence you can invest confidently in SDA homes. Investors can get a continuous stream of income by three separate parts such as commonwealth rent assist, SDA payment, and 25% from NDIS participant’s pension support. Choose NDIS SDA builders for designing homes such that they meet the guidelines provided by NDIS. There will be an SDA provider to maintain the property, investors can be relaxed and can also get a regular income.

3. Socially responsible :

Investing in SDA homes gives profitable returns and it makes you a socially responsible person. When you are investing in SDA homes, it will improve the standard of living for disabilities. Helping people will give satisfaction to your soul.

How do investors fit into the NDIS plans?

SDA housing is built for eligible NDIS participants and is funded by the NDIS scheme. Investing in SDA provides a high Return of Investment(ROI) and you can also help people in need. Investors should plan and build based on the criteria by NDIS. Investors should have the chance of informing the SDA property to the NDIS participants before it is completed. The SDA payments are provided to the SDA providers who maintain the SDA property, in which the NDIS participant lives.

NDIS provides funds to NDIS participants for the cost of accommodation and their carers. This scheme made a predetermined amount to ensure that the investor will get better returns than standard properties.

Individual NDIS and SDA plans :

SDA funds can be included for the eligible participants in the NDIS scheme. If the participants missed the housing goal option in the scheme, they want to request a review plan attached with the SDA funding application. Participants need a support coordinator and allied health professionals to create this application. They are mainly to provide evidence that SDA is reasonable to the participant and they will also create a housing plan for submitting an application to NDIS. NDIS reviews the application and provides funds such as SDA payments based on the NDIS plan. This plan consists of the amount of funding and SDA homes specifications such as building type, specific design category, and locations.

The approved SDA property can be purchased by investors and they will lease to the NDIS participants. They get regular income, which is funded by the NDIS scheme. It is a safe process, as it comes under the federal government.

The NDIS property Australia is the only SDA property solutionwhich builds homes for disabilities using SDA builders, who design the homes based on both NDIS guidelines and participants’ needs. We also work with service providers, NDIS participants, and investors to meet the requirements of each one, as they are connected. Let’s connect with us by clicking the link below: ndis.property