NDIS Quarterly Data 2021/2022 Q2

With the NDIS’ second quarterly report for 2021/22 now out, it’s time for a closer look at how things are changing in the SDA market.

What do these new statistics on Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) have tell us? Let’s find out!

Dwelling Enrollments

The number of new SDA dwellings enrolled nationally in the October-December 2021 reporting period increased by 195. There were 93 from Queensland, with 52 in Victoria and only 17 enrolled in NSW.

Supply Pipeline

The data shows that more homes are entering the pipeline, with an increase of 418 new constructions during the quarter – the largest quarterly jump in supply pipeline yet. Qld had 187 new dwelling join the pipeline, with 106 in NSW and 103 in Victoria.

Across all jurisdictions, the supply pipeline is dominated by dwellings built to High Physical Support. Most notably in the ACT where 91% fell under this category, 77% in South Australia and 75% in the Sunshine State. Nationwide 70%, or 1,505 dwellings in the supply pipeline are being build to High Physical Support.

This data is painting a picture of an impending oversupply issue of dwellings in the High Physical Support category. This is not surprising given that the SDA market has seen a decrease in profitability, with the high costs of land and construction leading developers towards selecting more profitable options such as High Physical Support apartments that offer a potentially higher return for investors.

Participant Data and Demand

It’s pleasing to see that there has been a jump in the number of people who activated SDA funding this past quarter. The increase of 625 is significantly higher than recent quarters, although it does not represent all participants who obtained SDA funding, only those who activated their SDA funding.

The overall increase in SDA funded participants has increased by around 6,000 in the past 3 years with the annual spend on SDA funding increasing from $112m to 231m. Still a long way short of the promised $700m annual spend by the NDIA.

The number of SDA funded participants seeking a suitable dwelling during the October-December 2021 (including those already in a SDA home, but looking for an alternative) was 4,267, a rise of 410 over the previous quarter.

Of SDA funded participants currently seeking a home, only 28% are looking for a High Physical Support dwelling. Compare this with 70% of dwellings currently in the build pipeline being built to HPS level. Of the remainder of the participants looking for a new home, 32% are funded for Improved Livability, 20% for Fully Accessible and just 6% for Robust.

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