Short & Medium-Term Accommodation

Short-term and medium-term accommodations are temporary options for NDIS participants, providing respite and a chance to experience different environments. These options can vary in location, accommodation type, and support level, and can be funded by NDIS plans if reasonable and necessary.

Short-Term Accommodation


Short-Term Accommodation (STA), also known as respite, provides NDIS participants with an option to take a break from their usual carer, build independence, or have a change of scenery. STA can be facility or residential stays, assistance in overnight care, or alternative family care (family and/or friends can assist in care to relieve the primary carer). The NDIS will cover all basic expenses with STA funding, which include accommodation, personal care and support, food, and activities.


STA is beneficial for both the participant and their carer. For the participant, it allows them to go to new places, try new things, step outside their comfort zone, gain independence, and relax and recharge. Particularly, if a participant is looking to move out and into Supported Independent Living (SIL) or Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), this can be an important first step in preparing for that change. For the carer, it’s a break that encourages and maintains a healthy and positive participant-carer relationship. Caring for a loved one can be emotionally and physically taxing, so it is important for the carer to have time themselves to recharge.


Short-term accommodation is a valuable resource for families and individuals caring for a loved one with a disability, chronic illness, or other special needs, as well as for the individual. By providing temporary support and care, STA gives caregivers and participants the time they need to recharge and relax. With a range of options available, finding the right STA solution is easier than ever.


Medium-Term Accommodation


Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) is for participants who need a place to live if they currently cannot live in their long-term home. This could be for reasons such as their disability supports are not ready, modifications are occurring on their home, or they are waiting for a current tenant to move out before they can move in. MTA is typically funded for up to 90 days by NDIS. Unlike short-term accommodation, MTA only covers the cost of the accommodation and does not cover costs like food, activities, internet, electricity, or support (supports, in this case, are funded separately and not a part of MTA funding).


Note: Bookings will be available soon.

NDIS - Facade

ANCASSA RETREAT - Cannon Hill, Brisbane

Short – Term Accommodation | 2B/2B

NDIS - Facade

THE DUCHESS - Murarrie, Brisbane

Short – Term & Medium – Term Accommodation | 4B/2.5B | 2B/1B

NDIS - Facade

THE SINCLAIR - East Brisbane

Short – Term Accommodation | 3B/2.5B

Note: Bookings for the above properties are not yet available but are coming soon.

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