Tips for buying SDA PROPERTY

April 29, 2024

Buying Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) property within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be a promising investment, but it requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the NDIS rules and regulations.

Here are some valuable tips for purchasing SDA property: 

Understand SDA Categories and Design Standards 

SDA properties must meet specific design standards, categorized into Basic, Improved Liveability, Fully Accessible, High Physical Support, and Robust. Know which category you are investing in, and ensure the property meets the required standards. 

Research SDA Demand and Location  

Investigate where there’s a demand for SDA in your area of interest. Consider locations near services, transportation, and support networks to ensure the property’s attractiveness to NDIS participants. 

Learn About NDIS Funding 

SDA funding is complex, with varying payment levels based on property category, dwelling type, and location. Understand the funding structure to estimate returns accurately. A detailed review of the SDA Price Guide from the NDIS is essential. 

Engage with SDA Providers and Tenants 

If you’re not managing the property yourself, engage with experienced SDA providers who have a track record of success. Building relationships with support coordinators and other stakeholders is crucial to find tenants and maintain smooth operations. 

Ensure Compliance with Regulations

SDA properties must comply with a range of regulations, including building codes, safety standards, and the NDIS Commission’s rules. Work with experienced architects, builders, and legal advisors who understand SDA requirements. 

Understand Risk and Returns

While SDA property can offer attractive returns, there are risks, such as tenant vacancies or changes in government policy. Conduct a detailed risk assessment and have a financial plan to manage potential issues. 

Consider Longevity and Future-Proofing

SDA properties should be designed with durability and adaptability in mind. Look for features that allow flexibility in use and anticipate potential changes in SDA standards or demand over time. 

 Leverage Expert Advice

Consult with professionals specializing in SDA property, such as financial advisors, property consultants, and NDIS experts. They can provide tailored advice based on your investment goals. 

Assess Legal and Insurance Requirements  

Ensure all legal aspects are covered, including property ownership, contracts, and tenancy agreements. Additionally, check that you have appropriate insurance coverage for SDA properties, considering specific risks like property damage or tenant-related issues. 

Stay Informed and Engaged

Stay updated with changes in NDIS regulations, SDA market trends, and government policies affecting SDA property. Engage in industry events, forums, and networks to connect with other SDA investors and experts. These tips can guide you through the complexities of buying SDA property and help you make informed decisions.