What are the challenges of investing in SDA within NDIS

February 23, 2024

Table of Contents


Investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) within the NDIS comes with several challenges, including:

  1. 1. Capital-Intensive Investment: SDA housing investment is capital-intensive, with strict requirements for the initial startup costs, although the ongoing rental property expenses are relatively low once the tenants have moved in.
  3. 2. Market and Regulatory Challenges: There are challenges related to demand-supply dynamics, concentration limits on land, and restrictions on the number of dwellings allowed in a particular area. Additionally, finding a buyer for SDA properties can be challenging due to their unique nature, and some lenders may not accept the property as security due to its specialized nature.
  5. 3. Property Quality and Valuation: Poor-quality homes can decline the sector’s reputation, and there may be challenges related to property valuation, as SDA properties are relatively new and may not have a standard valuation benchmark.
  7. 4. Tenant-Related Challenges: If a tenant moves out, finding another NDIS participant who fits the design category and is searching for accommodation in that specific area can be a challenge. Vacancy rates are also a concern, with some providers reporting high vacancy rates and extended periods to find tenants.
  9. 5. Financial Considerations: The cost of construction may exceed the final value of the property, impacting borrowing power. Additionally, some lenders may not take into account the SDA payments, reasonable rent contribution, and higher expected rental income when assessing the property.
  11. 6. Regulatory Understanding and Financing: Valuers and banks may not fully understand SDA properties, leading to conservative stances and long processing requirements. However, Australian banks offer various financing options for SDA projects, including home loans for NDIS participants and commercial loans for community housing providers and other SDA providers.

In summary, investing in SDA within the NDIS presents challenges related to initial investment costs, market dynamics, property quality, tenant-related issues, and financing. Potential investors should carefully consider these challenges and seek expert advice to make well-informed investment decisions